Sunday, August 21, 2011

Uses of fanpage-fanslave makes you income

Facebook fanpage is a greate way to grow your business , blogs and websites. This is how it works: create a facebook account thereafter create a blog or website for your niche marketing or blog to share your life experience. When you finish with your blog or website create a facebook fanpage for it. When you login to your facebook, look out for create fanpage. Create it , name it your with your site name, choose the categories, describe it, upload photo and submit it. Now you own a fanpage. Copy the fanpage website address or url so that you can share it with your friends in facebook and other social networks you belong. This is my own to see how facebook looks like and like it nordichuks fanpage. Your benefits of creating fanpage are: *when people like your fanpage it helps to spread your site. *it helps you get site traffics. *it gives the public impression on how people like your site so that they can trust your site. *it helps you have more facebook friends, because when you view lists of those who liked your fanpages you can add them as friends. Getting people to like your fanpages. In addition to submitting your fanpage url to social networks, you need to make posts in it to update your fans and even have get more likes. If you think you are not getting enough fanpage likes for your page. Then you can join this to grow your fanpage like. fanslave fanpage likes generator will allow you to submit your fanpage url, buy credits, offer credits to people like your fanpage and they will like it to get your credits. You too can like others fanpages to get credits and use those credits to offer. Get free 50 credits and €0.25 free opon joining.

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