Sunday, December 4, 2011

Get paid up to $10 to refer in payza

Payza is a payment processor or ecurrency processor, that have about 7m users in 2011. They are mostly used to transfer money, send money, make payment, shop online, and more.
The two popular payment processors in the internet are paypal and payza.

Earn money with Payza by rewards of members/users/ account holders with $5, when he refer someone who sign up for payza account and use his it to make up to $250 payment or receives. You get $5 to refer one user, and when you made a total of 10 referrals users, who qualifies you to earn $5 each, then you get paid $10 at from your 11 referrals. There is no limit to amount you can earn. Click this Earn money with Payza to sign up now after you have signed up, login to your account and click 'earn money' tab to get your own affiliate tools to promote yours

I have been getting payments from payza, i started promoting them 5months ago today i have over 35 referrals and more are signing up. So out of that number, 10 of my referrals qualified by transacting up to $250 and my account was credited with $5 each time one makes it. I wasn't that serious promoting if not i should have made over 100 referrals. I saw that i keep getting email payment alert from them, stating that my account has been credited with $5 as reward. So i want to promote more.

What i did initially was to copy the banner in my affiliate tools and added in my blog, i also shorten my affiliate link and place it traffic exchanges, social networks like apsense , forum, ezines, classifieds, and articles. I got the above referrals with above method of advertisement. So you too can do it. And i want to do more of it
Good luck.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

16 uses of blog

A blog is a site that accepts regular posting. Is not a website because website does not accept that. I shall make attempt to state few uses of blog based on my research.

*To win ultimate trust award from search engines, if you post in your blog regularly.

*To get traffic to your main websites, that is create a blog about your website to keep them informed of developments.

*To get backlinks from blog post leading to pageranks on google.

*To create online reputation, people will trust you, know you and your business.

*To allow visitors to your site leave comments, rate, vote, share your blog with social media. This will increase your traffic.

*You need to have people you want to blog for in mind that is your blog must be for targeted audience . Try to write only about your niche like sources of website traffic is only about ways to get traffic.

*queue post to make you have regular blog

*Make sure you design your blog to enable visitors subscribe it.

*Make fresh contents for your blog, search engines like fresh contents, add keywords, links, tags, categories to your blog.

*post with photos and videos in your blog it will help you in branding.

*Research before you post a blog, after research in your niche, let them know you are an expert, tell them to ask you questions in your area.

*put related affiliate links and banners with use of html. This help make you income with your blog.

*Monetise your blog with pay per click websites like adhitz, adsense. This will generate income for you

*create a fanpage for your blog. A good way to drive traffic and brand your site remember facebook have over 500million users.

*create a group about your blog in social networks. Make sure you update the group with your blog post.

*create a twitter account for your blog if you like, i can assure you that it help you grow your blog. Make sure you don't spam.

All in all, blog help you to get traffics, sales, communications, educate customers, and become known.
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Monday, October 24, 2011

Top 35 business social networks that pays members.

Everyday new social networks are created, i want to give the names of top 35 social or business networks and a brief explaination of how each one works. A social network is a an internet company that allows members to socialise if you ask me. It is a social business network when it pays members. Let me enumerate the 35 of them now.

1* apsense -pays you to advertise your business.

2*swom- pays to refer,
3*viralnetworks- pays to refer and on activities,
4*mylot- pays to socialise,
5*peoplestring- to socialise,
6*flixya-pays with adsense,
7*indianstudychannel- pays with adsense,
8*yuwie-pays to socialise,
9*gather-pays with points,
10*orangeleads-pays to refer,
11*makatos-pays to socialise,
12*giblink-pay to refer,
13*imfaceplate-pays to socialise+refer,
14*sidetick-pays to socialise,
15*zenzuu-pays to socialise,
16*gbosocial- pays you to socialise+adsense,
17*matesgate .biz-pays by revenue share,
18*sokule-pays to refer,
19*hubpages-pays by adsense, amazon and to refer,
20*infobarrel-pays by adsense,
21*mylikes-pays by sharing,
22*friendline-pays to refer,
23*linkstoxx -pays to refer,
24*bukisa-pays by adsense,
25*socialspark- pays to monetise,
26*kooiii -pays to refer,
27*xomba-pays by adsense,
28*birjji -pays to refer,
29*bizoppers-pays to refer,
30*empireavenue-pays to trade+ socialise,
31*my-espn .net-pays to refer,
32*moneybumpers-pays to socialise,
33*instantblogsubscribers- pays to refer, and monetise,
34*visible .me-pays to refer,
35*webanswers- pays by adsense,
*bonus: a- betternetworker, b-mlmsocial, c- triond.

like i said earlier, more are being created. Meanwhile if you find above helpful leave comment, send to your friends and share with your twitter and facebook.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

4 ways to make money in instantblogsubscribers

Instantblogsubscribers in a blog service provider that allow everyone to create free blog for niche marketing areas. It is like a blog mailing list, when other members blogs upadates are sent to your email address when you read it you, you get credits that you use to send your updates to members.

You can make money from it in following ways.
*when you monetise your blog with adsense, kart and clickbank i.d.

*When you refer members who upgrades to gold or elite member. Their referal program has 5 levels deep.

*when people buy products you reviewed there.

*when you win in fanpage contest, up to $1000.

Other benefits:
*add 3 free banners,
*add 3 free text adds
*add your affiliate links sites in their downline builder to over 50 sites.
*add your fanpage url.

Join free now
Get Hundreds of INSTANT Subscribers
you may to post regularly without using credits. If you are not in instantblogsubscriberrs as internet marketer you are missing out. Because is a good traffic sources to your other networks.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Free money in chitika

Get Chitika PremiumThere are three easy ways to make income from chitika ads program.:
1-Monetize your websites, webpages, blogs and social sites with chitika online ad program.
Become a publisher, set up account copy html code into your site , ads will be showing min. Payout $10 paypal $50 check.
2-Become an affiliate get 10% earnings of publisher that you refer-15months.

3-Refer advertiser get 10% of his pay for life.
Learn more Get Chitika | Premium

Friday, September 2, 2011

How Challenges of creating social networks was solved by phpfox

Have you ever thought of creating own network in the internet in future? If you answer is yes, you are welcome, if your answer is no, then be working for people, if your answer is may be, okay one day you will create one.
Let us consider places or sites to create network be it a social network, dating site, retired group, student network, affiliate network, MLM network. Their advantages and disadvantges. Some popular sites that provides these scripts are:

*NING NETWORK= If you create any network in Ning you will be charged monthly.
*DOLPHIN= If you create in dolphin you buy licence and pay one time but their network features is purely for dating sites.

*SOCIALGO= If you create network in sociago you will be given 1gd space free. As soon as you exaust, that or they have enough customers , you will be required to pay monthly subscription or loss you site, subscription of $9.+/m, For those following it happened in Ning network.

*PHPFOX= If you create network with Phpfox you have to pay one time, the have lite plan, start from $99, the have sound network with all features. See phpfox here get your network now

*WORDPRESS= If you create a social nework with wordpress is free for 1gd. You need to buy alot of widget, plugins, themes to make your site look okay and if you need higher network you upgrade monthly. So expensive.

*JOOMLA= Joomla has has good network with poor html and they run monthly upgrade.

My view is that since we are out to make network for people to connect and do business , you that created the network should be careful of where to create so that when you are providing this service you don't have waste your money on upgrading monthly, just go to phpfox network and get social network scripts for one time payment while your members upgrade monthly for you, you monetize your site, your run a campagin and many more.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Uses of fanpage-fanslave makes you income

Facebook fanpage is a greate way to grow your business , blogs and websites. This is how it works: create a facebook account thereafter create a blog or website for your niche marketing or blog to share your life experience. When you finish with your blog or website create a facebook fanpage for it. When you login to your facebook, look out for create fanpage. Create it , name it your with your site name, choose the categories, describe it, upload photo and submit it. Now you own a fanpage. Copy the fanpage website address or url so that you can share it with your friends in facebook and other social networks you belong. This is my own to see how facebook looks like and like it nordichuks fanpage. Your benefits of creating fanpage are: *when people like your fanpage it helps to spread your site. *it helps you get site traffics. *it gives the public impression on how people like your site so that they can trust your site. *it helps you have more facebook friends, because when you view lists of those who liked your fanpages you can add them as friends. Getting people to like your fanpages. In addition to submitting your fanpage url to social networks, you need to make posts in it to update your fans and even have get more likes. If you think you are not getting enough fanpage likes for your page. Then you can join this to grow your fanpage like. fanslave fanpage likes generator will allow you to submit your fanpage url, buy credits, offer credits to people like your fanpage and they will like it to get your credits. You too can like others fanpages to get credits and use those credits to offer. Get free 50 credits and €0.25 free opon joining.

Make money with team promote

Power of team work, it works more than the individual power in promoting business online or offline.

In the light of the above apsense business network created team promote. A process where one person has to create a campaign advertisement and set price to pay to team for promoting the his idea, business, ministry, vission, and the likes. You could be a promoter or an advertiser or both. Is free to join.
To learn more and get updates in your twitter account follow us in twitter. So many members are now rejoicing and making money easily that what they do alone in 6 months was done in one week. What is it that one couldn't do in six months? If you ask me , one could spread his business over the internet, one is now getting people to promote their business for a small price. Set $25 for promoting any links over 100,000 members will join to promote that link.

This network team promote is recommended for everyone if it was not good i will not promote it at all because my of reputation. So take a moment to follow us in twitter.

Introducing emerging social network BSN4A for free business, photo,video, article, advertising and get more connected.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

How to Make money creating free dating site.

Dating site provides avenue for singles to marry, connect and share life experience. The dating site could make you money when the founder monetise the site with ebooks, products, adsense ads and backlinks to drive traffics to his other network. Another way for the founder to make money is by selling domain to people who created dating site under you as subdomain and want to make their dating sites which the created as subdomain under you as own domain. Example if Xyz create a dating site, with name , and allow others to create sub dating site in subdomain like , the member who creates in subdomain will get percentage of all income sales, clicks made in his subdomain dating sites. In the light of the above, worlddatingpartners pays people money for creating free dating site from their system. There is no limit of dating sites you can create, after creating the site, invite friends to join your dating, write reviews in articles, facebook, twitter, and in other social network. Again refer people to create dating site and leave it. You can create banners to promote your sites. I tell you when you come back after few years if good in advertising after months you will meet money in your account ready for withdrawal. They accept paypal. Don't worry they provide statistics of your activties in you admin. Panel. Like numbers of people in your own dating site, number of clicks, amount due and the likes. If you like this article share it or leave me contructive comment.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Friendline social network pay $0.10 per referral

So many people belong to social network where they make post in articles,blogs,messages,bookmarks for their products. Without having any other thing to benefit from the social network.
Friendline is not like those social network,because they pay free members $0.10 per a new member your join friendline via their referral links.
Upgraded members receive higher pay. You can join as a free member and upgrade if you want.

Getting paid,friendline method of payment is by paypal so you need to have paypal account if you don't have one before.Is easy to reach their minimum payout.
For those looking for how to make money grab this opportunity.

My username there is nordichuks i have been making some income since i joined few months ago.if you get there add me as friends.

The link to friendline is in the tittle of this post, just click 'friendline social network pay $0.10 per referral' above and sign up.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

make money online: How to make money-using virtapay.

make money online: How to make money-using paybox.

How to make money-using virtapay.

Make $25 as sign up bonus and $10 per referrals,in virtapay that works like paypal and alertpay.

Join Vitapay now is new in area of payment processor just began operation 2010 and needs millions of members to meet the requirements or the capacity to open fully to the world. In few months time particularly mid of 2011 it will be open to the world by projections.

Your benefits:
-you can make up to $20 daily embacking on surveys.
-you can make money refering people-$10/referer
-you can make money by design of debit cards.
-you can make money from contest
-you can make money from Amazon from wish list via virtapay
-you will be given a debit card when open to world
-is your alternative to paypal and alertpay
-you have some free amount balance in your account as first users.
-experience from participating

The point is this, join today for free by just clicking my title above and make up to $1000 before they open to the is going to be the best payment processor ever from the way and rate they are waxing strong and strong everyday.