Friday, December 10, 2010

9 ways to monitize your blogs or websites easily.

If you have blog or website about your niche then think of monitizing it with one of more of these 9 ways to earn income arising from pay per click (ppc). There are other ways just to deal on 9 of them that are popular.
The 9 ways are:
1.Google adsense

I will now illustrate all one after the other.
Google has a product call adsense that allows website and blog owners to monitize with work like this:for instance if you have a blog with blogger,you can monitize your blog with adsense ads very easy and simple.
What they do is this alot of people have paid google to place advertisements with google sites. So google in partnership with websites likes hubpages,flixya and xomba including more.Get ads by google displayed in them. So if anyone clicks on ads in these websites the owners are paid by google.
Supposing you did'nt understand that, i mean that you may make your blog or website to make money for you by signing with adsense for content, and add your adsense your blog or website.then start making cash. Though easier with those that uses blogger,hubpages,indiastudychannel,xomba,and so on.
Some people make as much as $132,000 p/month from adsense.

Works like adsense just that they only pay by paypal.for those that use hubpages it easy to monitize your pages with konkera means that it is configure to hubpages, when sign up with konkera add your i.d. to your hubpages and updates your account.then its ads will be displayed in your pages so that if anyone clicks it konkera pays you.
If you have website it can work with it.

This trusted by many,people uses this site because of the fact that they pay via check like adsense. Adbrite will always ask for the blog you want to send ads to,they will ask you decide the type of ads you want,the zone you want it be displayed.
I mean you are given free hand to configure the place you want to show.Adsense provides this free hand after that you will go and put adbrite i.d. in your template to enable ads to show.

you need to have apsense account to enjoy its ads. Is free to have apsense business social network.if you have apsense account, you can add your adsense pub. I.d. When you upgrade.

Kart ads is better runs with your blogs and websites but if you have blog with instantblogsubscribers then you run kart ads, they pay via paypal, and you may join kart agency site, i mean if you refer people to kart you get paid for that.
So kart is one of the ways to monitize your sites.

Don't have a website adlandpro will provide you with one to create contents and monitize with adlandpro ads. If people click on ads displayed by adlandpro in your website or blog you are paid.They equally pay referral income.

Amazon display relevant books,materials and so on in your websites according to it contents. I mean displays materials relevant to your contents. They pay in gift certificate,cards and so on. Just sign up and add your i.d. to your hubpages,squidoo,blogger and the rest.

Just introduce into imfaceplate,if you use imfaceplate it will easier for you. But with time other websites can start monitizing with adzly ads.

Formally business network only but now add advertising and publising sections ,it means that publishers can have ads displayed in their profiles, networks,articles, and get income if visitors click on those ads. They pay via paypal.
They pay referral income.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

How to easily get twitter followers-and convert them to buyers

Twitter is a social network, so the more followers you have the more traffic to your websites via tweets and direct messages.

1. Use twitter share button when you post in your blogs,articles,and that when people reads it they follow you through your twitter button.

2.follow people,blogs,and websites when you read their post so that others can see you to follow.

3 use twiends network, to offer credits and get credit by following others.

4.follow people who follow too.this is follow back.

5.updates your social networks profile like linkedin so that when you people view your profile they can follow you.

6.viral twitter, use viral twitter that is follow 10 people that others can see you to follow.

7.Reply direct messages to retain your followers,do not offend them by your posts.

Follow me follow me in twitter

Saturday, July 24, 2010


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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

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Saturday, June 26, 2010

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