Sunday, October 13, 2013

Transfer your domain to us get one new free domain + hosting

Have existing domain and hosting and want to register a second domain? Wait a moment.... I have a solution for you. Simply transfer your existing domain to us and pay for it, then get second domain with server free for life, when you renew existing domain the free one is also renewed, hope this has helped you save money for the second domain? Yes if you ask me. Domain transfer is easy to do, you can contact our support for assistance. Do transfer here in stronghoster , make sure you provide your EPP code, from your previous domain register company, dont worry EPP CODE can be gotten when you login to your webhosting company account where you registered the domain, copy it , usually in aphabets and or aphanumeric.
Provide that code to your new webhost company to complete domain transfer.

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What is afrihoster? Afrihoster is an african hosting company, operating from asaba, Delta state, Nigeria. With USA And U.K server. The name is gotten from Africa as afri and hosting as hoste, put together as What service does it offers? Afrihoster renders services like hosting of internet files with its name server. It also sale domain names. It uses world best WHMCS billing software. So if you need to host your websites, be it personal, company, think of afrihoster. If you are also desirous of creating a domain name think of afrihoster

Thursday, April 25, 2013

More traffic to your blog more money.

Yes, more traffic more money! Getting clicks/leads is all about getting free or paid traffic for your blog, to get free traffic, try these:
* share your blog in social networks
* share your blog in forums
*use your blog url in your email signature
*use your blog to build a list
*post in ezine
*make video on your blog
*update your blog regularly
*make sure your blog content can solve others problems
* submit your blog url to search engines
*post in classifieds sites
*email your blog to your email contacts
*create group in social networks about your blog
*get fanpage for your blog
*get twitter acct for your blog
*add social sharing widget to your blog
*review your blog in social network blogs and articles
*do not buy traffic is against adsense rules
hope above can help.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

How to make money with stronghoster

Get 1 free domain with 1yr personal hosting plan for only $9,99/yr, as you join stronghoster for free, again you can become our affiliate and earn 50% of your sales forever, all you need do is sign up as affiliate and get your promotion links to put in your blogs, traffic exchanges, in your social networks etc. Then watch money come to you. Dont forget you can get free 250mb plus free subdomain to start your own site even as affiliate click extra tab to learn more.

Saturday, February 9, 2013

10 secrets of making money from HYIP

Welcome to secrets of making money in high yield invest program (hyip) , first a hyip site is that site that promise to give you certain percentage of your deposits to their site daily or weekly for a certain lenght of time or forever. Example of such sites are profitcliking and amazingmoneymagnet.

Then the secrets to make income from them without lossing are:

1. Join the site the week they just launch.

2. Invest in the week they just launch.

3. Calculate number of days it will take to get your invested capital, 70days or less is good so that after that you start collecting profit.

4. Dont join sites promising high percentage like above 3% they will scam you.

5. Advertise your affilate links to get dowmlines.

6. Use the hyip to advertise your other business as some hyip gives advertising credits.

7. Dont join hyip site that is already 2months old and above. You may not be able to collect your capital before they become funny.

8. Invest what you can afford to loss.

9. Before you compound your earnings please collect your capital first. that is seed in first.

10. Dont accumulate your earnings so that it will be big enough before your withdraw, withdraw as soon as you reach your minmum balance. They are funny, the hyip may introduce new policy from time to time.

Hope above helps?

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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

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