Thursday, August 18, 2011

How to Make money creating free dating site.

Dating site provides avenue for singles to marry, connect and share life experience. The dating site could make you money when the founder monetise the site with ebooks, products, adsense ads and backlinks to drive traffics to his other network. Another way for the founder to make money is by selling domain to people who created dating site under you as subdomain and want to make their dating sites which the created as subdomain under you as own domain. Example if Xyz create a dating site, with name , and allow others to create sub dating site in subdomain like , the member who creates in subdomain will get percentage of all income sales, clicks made in his subdomain dating sites. In the light of the above, worlddatingpartners pays people money for creating free dating site from their system. There is no limit of dating sites you can create, after creating the site, invite friends to join your dating, write reviews in articles, facebook, twitter, and in other social network. Again refer people to create dating site and leave it. You can create banners to promote your sites. I tell you when you come back after few years if good in advertising after months you will meet money in your account ready for withdrawal. They accept paypal. Don't worry they provide statistics of your activties in you admin. Panel. Like numbers of people in your own dating site, number of clicks, amount due and the likes. If you like this article share it or leave me contructive comment.