Wednesday, November 9, 2011

16 uses of blog

A blog is a site that accepts regular posting. Is not a website because website does not accept that. I shall make attempt to state few uses of blog based on my research.

*To win ultimate trust award from search engines, if you post in your blog regularly.

*To get traffic to your main websites, that is create a blog about your website to keep them informed of developments.

*To get backlinks from blog post leading to pageranks on google.

*To create online reputation, people will trust you, know you and your business.

*To allow visitors to your site leave comments, rate, vote, share your blog with social media. This will increase your traffic.

*You need to have people you want to blog for in mind that is your blog must be for targeted audience . Try to write only about your niche like sources of website traffic is only about ways to get traffic.

*queue post to make you have regular blog

*Make sure you design your blog to enable visitors subscribe it.

*Make fresh contents for your blog, search engines like fresh contents, add keywords, links, tags, categories to your blog.

*post with photos and videos in your blog it will help you in branding.

*Research before you post a blog, after research in your niche, let them know you are an expert, tell them to ask you questions in your area.

*put related affiliate links and banners with use of html. This help make you income with your blog.

*Monetise your blog with pay per click websites like adhitz, adsense. This will generate income for you

*create a fanpage for your blog. A good way to drive traffic and brand your site remember facebook have over 500million users.

*create a group about your blog in social networks. Make sure you update the group with your blog post.

*create a twitter account for your blog if you like, i can assure you that it help you grow your blog. Make sure you don't spam.

All in all, blog help you to get traffics, sales, communications, educate customers, and become known.
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