Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Earn 1.6% for 90 or 180days in real and trusted felmina, 15years in business.

Felmina is an investment company in panama which focus is investment management and account management for 15years now, it has investment products or plans for any person in the world. The plans are:

1- 1% for 180days
0.8% for 90days
compounding availble.
Min. Investment $20

2- 1.25% for 180days
1.05 for 90day
compounding available
min. Ivestment is $1000

3- 1.6% for 180days and so on.

What are you waiting for, join by clicking this felmina and start earnings now after deposit of min. $20 without sponsoring or surfing.

Felmina paying since 15years invest min of $10, earn min. 0.8% daily up to 1.65% daily depending on plan, withdraw anytime any amount. They accept LR, STP, PM,Egopay and bank wire.

They offer promo code, if you join via promo code you get $10 free and pay only $10 to start in plan 1 above. Want to get promo code? Add me in facebook and send a message to me asking for the felmina promo code be sure to give me your email so that i can send you the code to it.

Their affiliate program pays 5% to your referral's deposit to you.

If you join groups in felmina you get ready to jump start ypur earnings because when 50 people in a group raise $100 each ($100x50=$5000) when the group compounds the $5000 in 180days each member go home with over $2000.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Earnerenvy simply sustainable paying 2.5% daily

Needs site that make you income online? Simply join earnerenvytoday and earn 2.5% daily for every $10 you deposit for 60days which amount to $15, that is what you get doing nothing, let them use your money to do business and give you that 2.5% daily. Note -The rich do nothing their money works for them! Remember you also earn up to $11,000 in force matrix, it has 3 referrals deep 7%, 5% and 3% so you earn from those you refer. Join earnerenvy today and go out of debt or buy houses in choice areas. Compounding available. If the site was not sustainable i will not share it in my blog. Goodluck and happy earning. Contact me at yahoo messenge 'nordichuks'

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Profitclicking ever paying 2% daily plus free $10

If you are looking for program to join and make income online, i recommend you join profitclicking because it is ever sustainable and paying daily. This is how it works- join today by completing simple form with your name and valid gmail address then submit, a verification email will be sent to your email address. Verify it and choose your password. Then you have joined.

Login to your account and start claim free $10, there is a gimme free $10 bonus available for you. So use to buy ad click 'buy ad'. You start making 2% of it daily for 81days withdrawal anytime. Confirm your purchase, you are done.

Results: every weekdays you earn 2% of $10 that is $0.20 , weekends you earn 1.5% . After 45days the system takes its $10. So if we look at how much you get from $10 in a month, it will give you up to $5 or more. When your 'buy ad' balance is up to $10 buy another postion.

If you buy 50positions you earn $10 daily imagine that, so that in 10days you've made $100. When minimum withdrawal is $20.

You can fund or withdrawal your account with the following so sign up for those you are not a member of: solidtrustpay , and (formal alertpay).


Saturday, February 25, 2012

earn unlimited 1% to refer in solidtrustpay

Make money online referring new users to solitrustpay. It may interest you to know that solidtrustpay is a payment processor. That works like paypal.

The referral program with this site is unique because they have two levels deep. You get 1% transaction of whom you referred and if the person you referred has referrals you also make 1% of his transaction.
For instance, if your referral uses his account to make purchase of anything say $1000 , you get 1%x1000= $10. Earnings is unlimited, for life.

What you need to do is sign up with this link or click join solidtrustpay to sign up free and start promoting your referral links and equally use it to buy goods and services online.

Note that they have over 100million people/sites using solitrustpay.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Earn in two ways in Sellhealth

Sellhealth is an internet company collecting drugs from
manufacturers and and selling for them by sales commission. So if
you join sellhealth as affiliate you help to sell drugs, refer someone to sellhealth today who helps sellhealth to
advertise and sell those drugs on commission, you get paid 5
percentage of your referrals sales. Therefore you can earn in
two ways, one by advertising sellhealth drugs you earn commission
on sales and secondly you earn 5% commission of sales made by your
referrals to sellhealth. This is awesome affiliate program if you
ask me. You keep getting paid even though you are unable to deliver
sales of drugs but able to refer someone who delivers sales. Click this banner below to sign up free.

i want add that, sellhealth affiliate program is there to help you:
*easily increase monthly commission with their tutorials.
*promote the sell health to other website like your own get sign up. There are so many tools example text ads, banner ads, articles, and so on. Remember For every new affiliate you refer to sell heath program, you will earn additional 5% commission on his sales, that is you will be earning doing nothing.
I have been enjoying the affiliate income system of sellhealth so i hope you give a try. Just click on above banner to sign up and start promoting drugs and sellhealth as affiliate.

They accept paypal, bank wire, and other methods.