Thursday, April 25, 2013

More traffic to your blog more money.

Yes, more traffic more money! Getting clicks/leads is all about getting free or paid traffic for your blog, to get free traffic, try these:
* share your blog in social networks
* share your blog in forums
*use your blog url in your email signature
*use your blog to build a list
*post in ezine
*make video on your blog
*update your blog regularly
*make sure your blog content can solve others problems
* submit your blog url to search engines
*post in classifieds sites
*email your blog to your email contacts
*create group in social networks about your blog
*get fanpage for your blog
*get twitter acct for your blog
*add social sharing widget to your blog
*review your blog in social network blogs and articles
*do not buy traffic is against adsense rules
hope above can help.