Sunday, November 7, 2010

How to easily get twitter followers-and convert them to buyers

Twitter is a social network, so the more followers you have the more traffic to your websites via tweets and direct messages.

1. Use twitter share button when you post in your blogs,articles,and that when people reads it they follow you through your twitter button.

2.follow people,blogs,and websites when you read their post so that others can see you to follow.

3 use twiends network, to offer credits and get credit by following others.

4.follow people who follow too.this is follow back.

5.updates your social networks profile like linkedin so that when you people view your profile they can follow you.

6.viral twitter, use viral twitter that is follow 10 people that others can see you to follow.

7.Reply direct messages to retain your followers,do not offend them by your posts.

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