Saturday, February 9, 2013

10 secrets of making money from HYIP

Welcome to secrets of making money in high yield invest program (hyip) , first a hyip site is that site that promise to give you certain percentage of your deposits to their site daily or weekly for a certain lenght of time or forever. Example of such sites are profitcliking and amazingmoneymagnet.

Then the secrets to make income from them without lossing are:

1. Join the site the week they just launch.

2. Invest in the week they just launch.

3. Calculate number of days it will take to get your invested capital, 70days or less is good so that after that you start collecting profit.

4. Dont join sites promising high percentage like above 3% they will scam you.

5. Advertise your affilate links to get dowmlines.

6. Use the hyip to advertise your other business as some hyip gives advertising credits.

7. Dont join hyip site that is already 2months old and above. You may not be able to collect your capital before they become funny.

8. Invest what you can afford to loss.

9. Before you compound your earnings please collect your capital first. that is seed in first.

10. Dont accumulate your earnings so that it will be big enough before your withdraw, withdraw as soon as you reach your minmum balance. They are funny, the hyip may introduce new policy from time to time.

Hope above helps?

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