Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Earn 1.6% for 90 or 180days in real and trusted felmina, 15years in business.

Felmina is an investment company in panama which focus is investment management and account management for 15years now, it has investment products or plans for any person in the world. The plans are:

1- 1% for 180days
0.8% for 90days
compounding availble.
Min. Investment $20

2- 1.25% for 180days
1.05 for 90day
compounding available
min. Ivestment is $1000

3- 1.6% for 180days and so on.

What are you waiting for, join by clicking this felmina and start earnings now after deposit of min. $20 without sponsoring or surfing.

Felmina paying since 15years invest min of $10, earn min. 0.8% daily up to 1.65% daily depending on plan, withdraw anytime any amount. They accept LR, STP, PM,Egopay and bank wire.

They offer promo code, if you join via promo code you get $10 free and pay only $10 to start in plan 1 above. Want to get promo code? Add me in facebook and send a message to me asking for the felmina promo code be sure to give me your email so that i can send you the code to it.

Their affiliate program pays 5% to your referral's deposit to you.

If you join groups in felmina you get ready to jump start ypur earnings because when 50 people in a group raise $100 each ($100x50=$5000) when the group compounds the $5000 in 180days each member go home with over $2000.