Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Profitclicking ever paying 2% daily plus free $10

If you are looking for program to join and make income online, i recommend you join profitclicking because it is ever sustainable and paying daily. This is how it works- join today by completing simple form with your name and valid gmail address then submit, a verification email will be sent to your email address. Verify it and choose your password. Then you have joined.

Login to your account and start claim free $10, there is a gimme free $10 bonus available for you. So use to buy ad click 'buy ad'. You start making 2% of it daily for 81days withdrawal anytime. Confirm your purchase, you are done.

Results: every weekdays you earn 2% of $10 that is $0.20 , weekends you earn 1.5% . After 45days the system takes its $10. So if we look at how much you get from $10 in a month, it will give you up to $5 or more. When your 'buy ad' balance is up to $10 buy another postion.

If you buy 50positions you earn $10 daily imagine that, so that in 10days you've made $100. When minimum withdrawal is $20.

You can fund or withdrawal your account with the following so sign up for those you are not a member of: solidtrustpay , and (formal alertpay).


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