Sunday, December 4, 2011

Get paid up to $10 to refer in payza

Payza is a payment processor or ecurrency processor, that have about 7m users in 2011. They are mostly used to transfer money, send money, make payment, shop online, and more.
The two popular payment processors in the internet are paypal and payza.

Earn money with Payza by rewards of members/users/ account holders with $5, when he refer someone who sign up for payza account and use his it to make up to $250 payment or receives. You get $5 to refer one user, and when you made a total of 10 referrals users, who qualifies you to earn $5 each, then you get paid $10 at from your 11 referrals. There is no limit to amount you can earn. Click this Earn money with Payza to sign up now after you have signed up, login to your account and click 'earn money' tab to get your own affiliate tools to promote yours

I have been getting payments from payza, i started promoting them 5months ago today i have over 35 referrals and more are signing up. So out of that number, 10 of my referrals qualified by transacting up to $250 and my account was credited with $5 each time one makes it. I wasn't that serious promoting if not i should have made over 100 referrals. I saw that i keep getting email payment alert from them, stating that my account has been credited with $5 as reward. So i want to promote more.

What i did initially was to copy the banner in my affiliate tools and added in my blog, i also shorten my affiliate link and place it traffic exchanges, social networks like apsense , forum, ezines, classifieds, and articles. I got the above referrals with above method of advertisement. So you too can do it. And i want to do more of it
Good luck.

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