Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Friendline social network pay $0.10 per referral

So many people belong to social network where they make post in articles,blogs,messages,bookmarks for their products. Without having any other thing to benefit from the social network.
Friendline is not like those social network,because they pay free members $0.10 per a new member your join friendline via their referral links.
Upgraded members receive higher pay. You can join as a free member and upgrade if you want.

Getting paid,friendline method of payment is by paypal so you need to have paypal account if you don't have one before.Is easy to reach their minimum payout.
For those looking for how to make money grab this opportunity.

My username there is nordichuks i have been making some income since i joined few months ago.if you get there add me as friends.

The link to friendline is in the tittle of this post, just click 'friendline social network pay $0.10 per referral' above and sign up.

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